WAX Blockchain and AWS team up for Web3 gaming tools

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WAX Blockchain offers a comprehensive Web3 toolkit, including Cloud Wallet and developer portal.
Following the partnership, AWS’ AMB shall integrate WAX’s suite of Web3 gaming tools.
The partnership empowers developers with seamless access to blockchain infrastructure via the AWS console.

In a groundbreaking move, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the WAX blockchain have teamed up to revolutionize Web3 gaming tools.

The collaboration aims to streamline the integration of blockchain functionalities, particularly within the gaming industry, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of decentralized applications (dApps).

Partnering to enhance Web3 gaming tools

Following the partnership, Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB), a fully managed service by AWS, is set to incorporate support for WAX’s suite of Web3 tools.

WAX, known as the Worldwide Asset Exchange, serves as a blockchain ecosystem catering to gaming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

By integrating into AMB, WAX offers developers seamless access to blockchain infrastructure via the AWS console. The integration streamlines the deployment process, enabling developers to build on both WAX mainnet and testnets effortlessly.

Moreover, WAX provides a comprehensive toolkit, including the Cloud Wallet, single-sign-on services, native random number generation, developer portal, cross-chain bridge, and blockchain explorer, further enhancing the development experience.

Lukas Sliwka, CTO at WAX, emphasized the partnership’s significance in driving mass adoption of Web3 technologies. He highlighted the collaboration’s ability to empower developers from both blockchain-native and traditional Web2 backgrounds to integrate decentralized features seamlessly.

Dimitri Nikolaros of BountyBlok, a top 21 block producer on WAX, echoed Sliwka’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of combining blockchain with traditional Web2 frameworks to maximize the potential of next-gen applications.

WAX’s growing influence in Web3

WAX blockchain’s custom tools and incentive mechanisms are tailored to improve the usability of blockchain technology across various sectors.

With over 140 Web3 games leveraging WAX as their foundation and millions of transactions facilitated monthly, the platform continues to solidify its position as a key player in the Web3 ecosystem.

Notably, the collaboration with AWS builds upon WAX’s existing relationship with Amazon, exemplified by the inclusion of WAX-based trading card game Brawlers in the Amazon Prime Gaming service. This partnership underscores WAX’s commitment to driving innovation within the gaming industry and beyond, as it continues to pave the way for widespread adoption of Web3 applications.

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