HAVIT Launches H655BT Noise Cancelling Headphones With Impressive Battery Life

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GUANGZHOU, China, May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Wireless headphones are an essential part of modern life, and people seek quality, sound, and functionality. Over 10 famous American influencers recently tried HAVIT’s H655BT Hybrid ANC Headphones with noise cancellation, long battery life, and comfort. Its performance exceeded their expectations.

HAVIT, a smart electronic product manufacturer specializing in the audio field for 26 years, is dedicated to applying innovative technology to create practical and aesthetical products that are loved by consumers. Its H630BT wireless headphones have been sold 300,000 units globally and praised for sound quality and practicality. The newly upgraded H655BT is now considered the best over-ear headphones to buy by influencers.

Outstanding Noise-Cancelling Performance That Effectively Blocks Noise

H655BT uses advanced -35dB hybrid ANC technology to filter noises. Whether you’re in a noisy street or subway, it can project you into the concert right away. If you’re in an open-plan office and the sounds of keyboards and conversations are disrupting you, putting on H655BT — ANC mode helps you concentrate better on work or study.

76-hour Battery Life Keeps Music Around You

H655BT offers 76 hours on a single charge and 69 hours on ANC mode. Users can enjoy music anytime, anywhere — whether on a long journey or in daily life without low battery anxiety. H655BT uses an ergonomic design, with a thicker headband pad and soft protein leather earcups for all-day comfortable wear.

Stunning Headphones, A Must-Have for Fashionista

Classic and minimalist design never goes out of style. H655BT embodies HAVIT’s smart aesthetic philosophy, featuring a sleek and fashionable look. With three color options, H655BT is perfect for business trips and casual outings, adding a stylish touch to your everyday outfits.

Have it, Have fun

H655BT immerses you in beautiful melodies from pop music to classical compositions with 40mm dynamic drivers. Besides, players enjoy truly immersive gaming audio with its low-latency gaming mode.

HAVIT’s mission is to apply innovative technology to empower everyone to become fun creators of a better life. With these headphones, HAVIT offers dulcet audio experiences to users, adding more fun to their lives.

If you’re looking for high-quality, practical, and stylish wireless headphones, HAVIT H655BT is your first choice. H655BT is available with a discount at www.prohavit.com now. Put on H655BT, tune out the noise, and tune in the music.


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FX Job Fair 728×90
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