Constellation Network Strategically Partners with Forward Edge-AI on Trustworthy AI Industry Solutions Using Blockchain Technology

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Constellation Network, an American Blockchain and decentralized network tailored towards web3, enterprise and federal adoption, today announces the strategic alignment with Forward Edge-AI to address key data integrity issues that plague artificial intelligence algorithms and outputs.

Constellation Network and Forward Edge-AI, recognized as innovators of AI and blockchain technology in the federal government, are joining forces to ensure AI’s future is both secure and trustworthy. Their combined technologies promise a standardized approach to validating data used in AI algorithms, ensuring both source attribution and protection against tampering.

“The rapid growth of AI has highlighted significant issues, particularly around data sourcing and algorithm integrity,” says Ben Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation Network. “Large language models lack robust attribution, leading to reliance on unverified data. Our scalable blockchain solution can validate data fidelity and outputs cost-effectively at an enterprise level. Partnering with Forward Edge-AI, a company with a strong federal pedigree, was a natural choice.”

Historically, blockchain solutions have struggled with balancing speed, scalability, and security. Constellation Network’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol addresses these issues, earning endorsements from the Air Force Research Laboratory as “Secure, Scalable, and Department of Defense Approved.” This robust protocol was a key factor in Forward Edge-AI’s decision to collaborate.

Eric Adolphe, Forward Edge-AI’s CEO states, “Our strategic partnership with Constellation Network enables Forward Edge-AI to improve the security and resilience of AI/ML models, thereby increasing their reliability and trustworthiness for mission critical DoD and FINTECH applications.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone, underscoring the importance of trust and transparency in AI. Through collaborative efforts at the National DigiFoundry, managed by Forward Edge-AI and the University of Texas at San Antonio, they are developing application-specific blockchain solutions that are already capturing the attention of major federal agencies.

About Constellation Network, Inc.Constellation Network is an open-source framework that allows everyone to build application-specific networks (L1s) on their distributed network.

About Forward Edge-AI, Inc.Forward Edge-AI leads in augmenting edge technology with human intelligence and has solidified its position as a trusted partner for financial institutions and other third parties.

For more information, visit Constellation Network and Forward Edge-AI.

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